Top 5 Bad Blogging Habit to Stop for Successful Blogging

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Habits are behaviors you frequently do each day, and some are good while some are bad. Such habits occur even in all different fields of your life, even when you are blogging. Successful bloggers have learned and developed better blogging habits that make them excel with their blogs.

I was able to ask some few professional bloggers about poor habits that new bloggers should avoid. Below are some of the five bad blogging habits that I learned and need to stop doing to become a successful blogger.

  1. Failure to reply comments

When visitors leave a comment on your posts, appreciate that as a compliment. Such people were passionately convinced to leave comments behind, whether bad or good. What I have come to realize is that most novice bloggers fail to respond to them.

One crucial factor that helps to build loyal readers is to respond to their comments on each post you write. It indicates you care about them, and it will even persuade them to subscribe to your emails or share your post which will increase traffic.

This action does not mean you respond to each comment, but only responding to comments that demand your opinion or responding to people who leave useful comments behind. If you do not know the way to answer them, then a simple expression of thanks note about their comments is an excellent action.

  1. Inconsistency in posting is a bad blogging habit

inconsistent blogging as a bad blogging habit

Inconsistent blog posting is a bad blogging habit where new bloggers begin publishing lots of posts in the initial stages of their blog and then stop abruptly. That is the wrong mindset to avoid as a blogger if you want to become a successful blogger. You should not make your posting schedule to be irregular.

To avoid such mistakes, especially for new bloggers, you can write many posts as you like and then schedule a day to post them. Good blogging platforms such as WordPress allow you to schedule days when you want posts to get published online.

 Therefore, it is not a must that you post five posts on a single day and then stay for a whole week without posting anything, but you can schedule and distribute the 5 posts and publish each of them on a single day throughout the week.

Additionally, besides the truth that search engines love consistently updated websites, your readers will also appreciate you too. By publishing posts regularly, readers will look forward to following your posts.

  1. Checking your comments and stats continuously each day

When you begin blogging, it is common to get obsessed with your comments and web traffic. Naturally, you desire to see many people visiting your blog, many linking to you and obviously many others commenting on your blog.

However, that doesn’t imply that you check your stats every 20 minutes. Such a habit can make you want to write random and careless posts even without thinking about the benefits your post can have for your readers.

The habit will also waste lots of time that you can focus on much more constructive actions for your blog. You should only reserve a particular time during the day to check your stats. I would suggest at least twice daily. You may also choose to use the saved time to produce more posts or network with fellow bloggers.

  1. Failure to give credit where it is due

I realize many bloggers copy and paste works and ideas of other bloggers and fail to give any credit. This bad blogging habit is not a good means of building credibility. Currently, it is easy for search engines to trace back the original sources, and you will soon be penalized.

Therefore, as a good practice, give credit where credit is due. Ensure you mention the source where you acquired the idea to work with it. Linking out to fellow bloggers is also not a bad idea at all. It is actually an excellent way to associate with your fellow bloggers and as a foundation to network with them.

The issue of failing to give credit also goes for using copyright photos. Verify if you can use such images in your posts. The internet has many resources such as Flickr where you can get free images provided that you give credit to the producer. You may also consider searching for creative commons copyrighted images. Also, you can use these images without the producer’s permission only if you give credit to the producer.

  1. Failing to proofread your posts

Nothing annoys a reader more than reading content full of typos, spelling and grammatical mistakes, and fluff content that does not make any sense. You lose professionalism and credibility when your posts contain lots of typos and grammatical errors. These errors can be avoided easily by using a spell checker such as Microsoft Word, or if you have cash, you can buy an online grammatical checker such as to help you in proofreading.

Make it a habit of proofreading each post several times before you publish it. Do not be in a hurry to publish posts just because you want to see traffic growth from your articles. An excellent method of proofreading is reading your post out loud as you edit along the way. You may also give your friends the post to proofread it for you.

When you avoid these five bad blogging habits, you are on the route to successful blogging, which is a good way to monetize your blog too.

Do you know of any other bad blogging habits that bloggers should stop to find success blogging? Kindly leave a comment below to offer more tips to other readers.

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