7 Blogging Mistakes You Must Avoid to Create a Popular Blog Post

Blogging mistakes
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Have you ever wondered if there are blogging mistakes that you do that make your blog lack traffic especially if you want to monetize it? Or is there a time you wish your readers can become customers through your blog but this step never happens?

Well, this post will describe most common blogging mistakes that might be hindering you to find success blogging. Below is a description of each mistake you might be doing.

  1. Blogging Daily and Covering too Many Topics

Gone are the days when bloggers obtained massive traffic from search engines by posting daily.Blogging mistakes

In the past, websites and bloggers got massive traffic from search engines by posting content every day. These days there are various methods of getting traffic even if you post one article each week. Many new bloggers also hate the idea of posting blogs on a daily basis.

However, every blogger puts lots of effort and hard work as they start blogging with so much excitement. If their blog doesn’t get enough traffic, they give up so easily.

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Since new bloggers are so curious about making money through traffic, they publish content each day. They also cover so many topics which have different niches in one website. If you are making these blogging mistakes, then you should know that you are blogging the wrong way.

Covering too many topics will cause your blog to lose its potential audience. Well, having said this, you may you may be speculating, how many posts should I publish every month?


Quality will always surpass quantity.

According to research, I have discovered that you can post an average of 2-3 times or even once per week. Whatever decision you make, always ensure that you post high-quality posts consistently. 

It is better to post an article that will be read by new visitors all the time than many articles that do not have any value to the audience. Also, spend more time marketing your posts for traffic rather than posting lots of content that does not benefit the audience.

Look for adequate time to create content through better research. Doing research, writing and editing posts requires a reasonable amount of time, and it is definitely worth it.

2. Choosing Wrong Niches is Common Blogging Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid.

blogging mistakeNiche involves creating posts that cover a specialized market with similar topics. New bloggers should always choose to write topics about their interests.

The most common blogging mistakes most bloggers do is picking niches which they have no idea on what to write. For instance, if a blogger is passionate and interested in health but tries to blog about fashion, then it will never work.

The main reason for choosing a passionate niche is that you will have a broad variety of topic ideas. You will also write best posts and excellent content since you know more about your niche.

When you choose a wrong niche, it will cost you the following points.

  • You will waste a lot of time and money.
  • The main reason some business don’t succeed is targeting a market niche that produces little money or none at all. Therefore, when you choose a wrong niche, you will have a hard time monetizing your blog and generating income.
  • You will lose many opportunities and lack focus.
  • You will lose motivation and likely to give up easily if your blog is not profitable.

If you pick a wrong niche, you won’t find any new topics and ideas to write about in your posts.

3. Failing to Collect Emails through Subscription as you Start Blogging

blogging mistake If you fail to collect emails from the day you started blogging, then you are losing massive traffic and money. Make it a rule of collecting emails from new visitors. If Google performs an algorithm update, there is a possible chance that it may change everything concerning your website. This situation can significantly boost changes in your blog traffic.

Always remember that as you collect emails, do so without annoying your visitors. Below are various ways I have found out how professional bloggers collect emails without irritating visitors. Try to use these methods, and you will excellently attract email subscribers.

  • Offer freebies: Normally, new visitors are willing to give their email addresses if you provide them with gifts or something that is useful to them. Freebies could include podcasts, e-books, and email courses. I have seen that these freebies attract email subscribers in professional blogs who are likely to buy the products or services they offer later in their blogs.
  • Call-To-Action (CTA): Provide a straightforward instruction to your readers on what your email subscription is offering. Use convincing language to create a sense of urgency whenever it is possible. The best way to use a CTA is to insert it on the side of the page, a pop-up message or in the middle of a post. It is because many readers peruse articles and many don’t even read the whole articles upto the end.
  • Write media-rich content: Writing blogs post that solves the audience problems will excite them, and they will desire to subscribe email to receive more posts from your blog.

Having said so, ensure you get email subscribers from your visitors immediately by implementing the above tips.

4. Failing to start a self-hosted blog

Common blogging mistakes that new bloggers do is beginning blogs with WordPress.com platform which host blogs on the WordPress website. Later they fail to upgrade it to self-hosting platform. The main disadvantage of using WordPress.com is having limited and less control over blog customization.no self-hosted blog is blogging mistakes

Also, free blogs are not as professional as the self-hosted ones. Your advertising options will also be limited when you intend to make money from your blog. However, self-hosting your blog with the WordPress.org (self-hosted WordPress) will give you options to download plugins to remove these limits and give you more website capabilities.

Below are some of the benefits you will get if you have a self-hosted blog through WordPress.org. However, this does not include WordPress platform only but also on other content management systems used to create websites such as Drupal, Joomla, etc.

  • You can create a customized website design and include any paid or free WordPress theme that you need.
  • You can produce membership websites and sell premium content, courses, etc. to registered members and develop an online community around your site.
  • Creating completely customized designs or modifying anything in the website is possible.
  • You can create an online store using a self-hosted WordPress to sell or store physical and digital products directly from your site.
  • Earning cash from your WordPress site is possible by running your advertisements without sharing profits with anyone.
  • You can use powerful tools such as Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster tool for custom analytics and tracking. This action can help you analyze many details about your website and help you to improve your blog accordingly.

If you are a WordPress blogger and desire to generate income from your website, then I recommend you to use the self-hosted WordPress.org. Doing so will give you the flexibility and freedom to develop and improve your blog as you wish.

However, if you just want to explore the blogging world or if you are a personal blogger without any intentions of making money from your site, then try using the free WordPress.com.

5. Failing to Promote your Blog Posts is One of the Biggest Blogging Mistakes

Well, you have done an excellent research while writing a post and published a great content on your blog. But that doesn’t mean you will get traffic automatically. So, what should you do?

failure to promote blog is a blogging mistakeNew bloggers may wonder if they can get traffic automatically after researching for an excellent article, writing and publishing it. Well, they need to promote their blogs widely over the internet.

Below are some steps required when you have published your blog post and how to promote it online.

  • Share your posts on social media networks: Promote your posts on all popular social media network such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. Social media can increase traffic to your blog if you use these platforms efficiently.
  • Email your subscribers: Make sure you email your subscribers by alerting them of new posts you have published.
  • Advertise on Facebook: Facebook offers paid promotion services where you can advertise your blog on the page you create. Facebook has Carousel Ads too where you can promote multiple blog posts.
  • Use Linkedin Groups: look for LinkedIn groups that are related to your market niche then join the discussion groups. Make sure you promote your blog posts by sharing them in relevant LinkedIn groups. Some groups have restrictions on the type of posts they require, including other relevant instructions a blogger has to follow. If they find spam or irrelevant content, they might delete your name from their group.
  • Forums: Use high-traffic forums to share blog content since they receive a lot of readers. Active Internet forums include warrior forum, Quora, Reddit, and many others. You can also subscribe to the target audience on subreddits or Quora topics which are relevant to your niche.

Also, note that whether you create short or long written posts, videos, podcasts, or infographic posts you can use social media networks to host the majority of the campaigns. Make sure you promote your posts to maximize the possible number of audience. Otherwise, if nobody reads your content after you spend a lot of time writing it, then you will not find success blogging.

6. Failing to Use Compelling Headlines in your Posts

If your post title can’t attract readers mainly from the first two sentences, then possibly a sizeable potential audience won’t see it. A compelling title will boost traffic to your bog.It is a mistake if you don't have a compelling headline

Therefore, it is crucial to use a convincing title with an opening question or statement to engage readers. The issue is usually solved by writing a compelling Meta tag that accompanies your title. There are useful tools to do so such as Yoast SEO.

If the title and the first few sentences or paragraph excite readers, then most likely they will read the whole article and desire to share it.

Below are some few simple tips you can use to create a compelling headline and avoid blogging mistakes.

  • Create a unique headline: Your headline should be different from others posts and include keywords on it.
  • Use numbers: using numbers especially odd ones to begin a headline attracts readers. Research has shown that most viral blog posts include odd numbers in their headlines. For instance, you will notice that most articles that I have written include number lists.   
  • Become ultra-specific: By this tip, I mean if you can provide readers with an ultra-specific title and answers to their questions, then they will become your loyal readers or customers.

So, you better focus on how to write compelling headlines that will encourage readers to read the first sentence.

7. Not Responding to Readers’ Blog Comments

blogging mistake if you don't reply commentsThe other common biggest mistakes new bloggers do is not replying reader’s comments. Responding and engaging with your readers when they comment can build stronger relationships with them and your blog. Make it a habit or schedule time during the day to reply visitors’ comments as you interact with them.

However, some users have a bad habit of leaving spam comments. An excellent plugin that stops spamming is Akismet, which is free to install.

If your blog doesn’t have readers, you will not find success blogging. Also, if you don’t converse and interact with your readers no matter how compelling your content is, you will end up losing potential customers. If you desire to make money by blogging, then you should begin replying to your reader comments.

At times, readers might ask great questions that will help you to know their primary interest and give great ideas to write in your future posts.

Keep in mind that visitors who get replies to their questions from their comments are more likely to come back. In future, they will become loyal customers to the services and products you introduce.

Therefore, to build a prosperous community around your blog, interact with your visitors by responding to their comments and questions.

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Finding success as a blogger or generating income with a blog is all about learning from blogging mistakes and how to avoid them.

Successful bloggers prosper since they are willing to learn from their mistakes as they continue blogging. If you want to find success blogging, make sure you learn and utilize every opportunity without giving up especially when there are no results.

Do you have any other blogging mistakes I have not mentioned in this post? Kindly share them in the comment section below to help readers benefit more and find future success as they blog.

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