7 Outstanding Blog Writing Tips to Help you Build an Effective Blog Post

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One of the questions I ask myself is how successful blogs such as ProBlogger have managed to become so fruitful. Newer bloggers are searching for the secret formula or the keys to blogging successfully. However, one of the secrets is doing the same things other successful blogs have done. If you follow professional bloggers, there are so many things to learn from them to achieve successful blogging.

Also, this includes what excellent blogs such as Copyblogger and ProBlogger instruct you to do every day. Actually, my primary focus in blogging is trying to research the best ideas and tips that successful bloggers utilize. I also want to help them write an effective blog posts and so they can gain success blogging for every post they contribute.

Well, in this post, I have some successful tips I have learned from successful bloggers, and I am working on these useful tips myself to become fruitful in my blogging career. But my primary concern is how to write an effective blog post to help you find success blogging.

  1. Write from the heart.

Definitely, you could write very general posts without placing yourself into it. You can make evaluated decisions on post subjects, and write only to have favorite posts that extend your blog’s name and create many links. It can be accomplished, but I do not support it.

The best blogs I have found online are those, which are written with genuineness and from the heart, which are personal. In my article writing, I aim to write about passionate subjects, where I have more experience.

  1. Keep your reader’s problems in mind.

The questions to ask yourself when writing include: What is your target audience? Who are your readers? Also, how exactly do you identify them? If you are not familiar with them well, you should begin questioning them: What they desire to know? What difficulties do they need to be tackled?

You may also choose to read other popular blog posts with similar target audiences if you lack an audience, and find out what difficulties those readers encounter. Once you have recognized the problems of your audience, again, try becoming as helpful as possible in solving the problems by writing an effective blog post.

  1. Interact with your readers if you want to build an effective blog post

A blog is actually a conversation. It begins with your post, apparently, then it continues with readers commenting on it, and even with comments and criticisms from other bloggers. I have seen successful bloggers getting such conversation stirred up slightly by posting questions, polls, and contests for readers.

This action makes them become deeply engaged in the conversation, and there is no better way to do it. For instance, you could often present and ask the reader’s question, and you will be amazed at the massive responses you will receive.

  1. Give readers a reason to return to your blogs.

When writing a blog post, ensure that you make your readers desire to come back and read more of your blog posts. Make them have a reason to subscribe, especially when there are so many other blogs over the internet to subscribe. effective blog post impress readers

Additionally, the main reason is that they can figure out what an effective blog post you publish on a regular basis, and reasonably hope you continue creating great content always. They would not want to miss out; therefore, they will come back for more or simply to subscribe to your email.

  1. Write appealing titles to build an effective blog post

I have to confess that titles are more significant than they should be. Titles are similar to advertisements for your posts, and if they are not good enough, nobody will desire to read the posts. Therefore, you could have amazing content, but if the title is poor, the content is poor, as far as readers are concerned.

Many readers will locate your posts in one of three places, and it depends on the few words of your titles that will attract them to the real post. They do so in their feed reader, from links to other blogs, or on social media websites such as Pinterest or Digg. Pay attention to the popular titles on other blog posts, try to discover what makes them work well, and then try applying the same strategies to your posts.

  1. Get active on social media.

Since my blog is not yet a year old, I am trying as much as I can to use social media sites to get more readers to my blog. I have heard bloggers say that even though they can send you massive traffic, it is also not easy to become popular on these sites.

This situation arises especially if you do not have many readers who will put bookmarks on your posts. For newer or smaller blogs, the best method of receiving an attractive post is to obtain a link from a superior blog.

How to get links from superior blogs

You might be asking how you could get links from superior blogs. Well, follow the points I have stated here, such as addressing a reader’s common problem and boosting it up with a superb headline. Once you do this, email your link to the editors of superior blogs.

The only point to be aware of is that these editors receive hundreds of similar emails and do not welcome spam. Therefore, you should consider doing this rarely and particularly when you have a remarkable post that their readers will enjoy.

At times, you probably will not obtain a link. However, you might become lucky. As soon as you do have a readership, performing the same things I have just indicated will help you receive popular posts, but without the requirement for a link from a superior blog. It is hit or miss chance, but it will definitely help you to get popular.

  1. Do not be Afraid to Attempt New Things, such as Blogging.

Blogs can be stale if they perform the same things repeatedly. When you detect this is occurring to you, break free from your staleness. Explore what other popular blogs are doing differently and attempt to perform those ideas. Find out other mediums, such as books and magazines, and see if you can acquire better ideas from them. Check out this post on 9 important things you should familiarize yourself with as you begin your blogging journey.

Do not be anxious about failure or experimenting and trying new things. This failure will help you find growth and success in the future. This blog is a new blog, but I have plans to write two or three other blogs on different niches.


The courage I have is that I have found out that most-popular bloggers started small, but they are now reaping significant benefits and money from what they love doing. Most of these blogs have also raised enough cash to pay for guest posts or even hire writers to contribute posts often. Doing so helps to boost traffic to your site, since search engines improve for every new content that appears on a website. Therefore, have the courage and try these tips, and we will have a reason to smile as we find success blogging in this journey.

Do you have any other tips that can help new bloggers build an effective blog post that I have not mentioned in this post? Kindly share them by commenting below.

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