8 Reasons Why Readers Give Up on Your Blog

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It is easy for anyone to start a new blog especially if you know the requirements. However, maintaining that blog at its best is difficult. Whether it is the content or website design you are bringing, you should focus 100% of your attention on every aspect. You will have to reason and know a reader’s mentality to your blog.

Unless your readers interact on your blog regularly, you won’t find great success if they fail to do so. If you want to make money with your blog and have a successful blogging business, it is important to mind your blog and your readers. When you do so, they will continue coming back to your site.

Let me share some reasons why your visitors or readers give up on your blog and how to solve such problems.

A website that loads slowly

At times you may have clicked a site, and it takes lots of time loading or even never loads. You will end up leaving the site and never come back again. If this situation also occurs to your blog, then it is at risk or dangerous position of losing many readers.

One solution, if you are using WordPress, is to install suitable plugins such as W3 Total Cache (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/w3-total-cache/)that optimize it for faster loading.

Also, you can choose to upgrade your web hosting provider, to increase loading times. However, using a better hosting plan generally means you will need an expensive plan, which might not be within your blog’s budget.

Of course, there are many other ways of optimizing a site for faster loading. These include: reducing optimizing scripts, optimizing JS and CSS files, using internet friendly images (images with small sizes such as kilobytes rather than megabytes), etc.

Check this site for web speed tools you can use to test your website loading speed.

Readers Give Up on Your Blog When There Are No Interactions

If your blog posts lack comments, likes, or any interactions, your blog might have an inferior reputation. Readers may think that your blog posts are not interesting, hence nobody cares about sharing them. Others may give up on your blog without even bothering to read your blog posts.

However, new bloggers experience this problem especially if there is little traffic due to few people reading their posts. If you have this problem, one solution is knowing various methods on how to increase web traffic to your blog. When traffic starts building up, you will begin having few comments from your readers, which progress with more traffic.


The other solution to this problem is interacting with readers by giving them freebies and rewards, or brightening up your posts with loyalty programs. You can also interact with your readers by telling them to comment on what they feel about your posts.

Also, ask them if they have any ideas that you have not mentioned in the post. Readers give up on your blog quickly when these steps are not used efficiently.

Readers Give Up on Your Blog Because of Annoying Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are online advertising forms meant to attract web traffic or get email addresses from users.  Sometimes, pop-ups are very annoying advertising tools, particularly if they are overused. I am sure you have also experienced their distraction on sites that you browse too.

For instance, you can easily close most pop-ups, but there are various websites with pop-ups that hide the “close” button, hence it is not visible.

Other sites have pop-ups that demand you to subscribe first before you read the content. Such sites have pop-up subscription forms that appear after every 2-5 minutes.

As a blogger remember that some blog visitors or readers are old people who just want to read posts. Never confuse them with senseless pop-ups! Most likely, they will end up closing the tab rather than locating that tiny “X” button.

social media pop-ups

There are also social media pop-ups that also distract readers from reading posts unless they share the content. At times this can make readers give up on your blog if such pop-ups appear occasionally.

One of the best tricks I have used in this blog is to add a floating social bar like the one on the left side on the page. The social bar remains static with the content as you read and does not take up too much space. Alternatively, you can place a subscription form pop-up at the bottom of the post either on the right or left corner side.

If a reader just ignores or does not take action on the pop-up but concentrates on the content, the pop-up simply disappears. Doing so will not distract a reader from your leaving your site.

Confusing Navigation Can Cause Readers to Give Up on Your Blog

Always ensure your navigation system is clear, clean, quick, and easy to use. Choose an excellent theme that complements those four points. Also, use relevant categories to classify and place your posts since it helps readers to find posts that interest them.

Also, ensure your search bar is easily visible for use, so readers can search for what they need on your blog.

Logging In Is Required To Comment

Some websites require social sites connection such as Twitter, Facebook, or even WordPress, just to comment. Remember, many blog readers are not connected to any social networking sites! Therefore, ensure you make it easy for your visitors to comment without registering on your site to log in. The only required details include the name, email, and the comment field. Always come up with an easy way for your readers to comment.

Irrelevant Interlinking

Interlinking is a beneficial way to compel readers to spend more time on your blog posts. It allows your readers to know more details on a particular topic. But, you need to ensure interlinking is relevant because readers love a relevant interlinked blog post.

An example of irrelevant interlinking is directing a reader to another blog post that does not relate to the post the reader is currently reading. Always direct a reader to other blog posts that relate to the topic they are reading. This action will make them spend some time on your blog.

If you keep your readers on your site for longer, your search engine ranking will improve. You can use plugins such as Google Analytics to monitor the average amount of time your readers stay on your site. The time readers spend on your blog can tell whether your blog posts are of high or poor quality.

Readers Give Up on Your Blog When You Use Too Many Sponsored Posts

When you sponsor services or products on your blog, you will create some extra revenue on it. However, using too many sponsored posts will cause your readers to wonder whether you are giving value to your readers, or you care about your cash and promoting yourself.

If your blog readers realize or think that money is all you want to make, but not caring about your readers and blog’s quality, then they will give up on your blog soon. Always reduce the number of sponsored posts or even too many adverts on your site to keep readers.

Your Posts Look Boring

Have you ever found yourself getting bored reading a site with small texts and lengthy paragraphs or sentences? Well, you would never want to do that on your blog too.

To avoid publishing a boring blog, always ensure your sentences are short and use paragraphs with two or three sentences. You could also break the monotony on your blog by using related images that accompany your posts. Also, videos embedded in your posts can also help readers break off from lengthy reading and get refreshed from relevant videos.

Do you have any other reasons why readers give up on your blog that I have not shared? Kindly Share by commenting your reasons below.

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