9 Important Tips You Should Know Before You Start Blogging

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These days anyone can design a blog in a few easy steps due to research available online. Blogging is a remarkable advertising tool as well as a great source of income. However, to build a profitable and productive blog, you need to prepare yourself in the right way.

This blog post will give you valuable tips you should know before you start blogging.

Identify your niche

find blogging nicheIdentifying your niche and staying focused on it is an essential plan for a successful blog. There are various blogs available online in different niches, and you should work out how to make your blog excel the rest. Identifying a niche primarily involves choosing a topic you are passionate to write. Examples of these topics include: how to lose weight effectively, how to succeed in forex etc. Many articles are available online which explain how to choose a profitable niche.

Also, you need to define your target audience. Determine, who will be interested to read your blog, then find out their interests, needs, and concerns and write content related to their needs. Doing so will help you find excellent topics to write about on your blog.

Blogging requires time and effort

Before you start blogging, ask yourself why you need to do so. If your purpose is just to make money online, then starting a blog might not be a perfect choice. There are several ways of earning online and blogging is not an easy way.

The reason is that it needs a lot of hard work and more time to develop your audience. It is quite discouraging if you publish the first few posts and no one reads them. As a new blogger, you should not expect to have immediate results.  Successful bloggers keep working on their blogs for a long time being patient of the outcome. Though it is difficult, they know blogs will reward them eventually.

Content is King

Content dealers and professional bloggers are often concerned about ‘Quality vs. Quantity. Quantity is necessary for increasing and maintaining your traffic, but you should nevertheless focus on quality over quantity.

When your readers benefit from the information you write in your posts, they will always want to read your posts and become your regular reader. Alternatively, no one would want to read your blog if you publish useless or uninformative articles.

Blogging is not free

Blogging platforms such as WordPress.com and Blogger.com are free and easy to use. However, free blogs from these hosting platforms have some limitations and lack control and advanced features.

If you need an ideal web address (URL), more flexibility in design, more monetization opportunities, and larger data storage, then you need a self-hosted WordPress.org blog as the best option. To have a self-hosted blog you need to buy a hosting plan, domain name, and then install WordPress.

I will cover all these processes in another post to show you how you can follow these easy steps. The cost required is around 50 to 150 dollars per year depending on hosting and domain used.

Once your blog progresses, you might need to spend money marketing it to get more traffic and engage your audience. Subscribe to this blog, and I will alert you on how to get traffic in a separate post.  

Learn about copyright issues

 So many new bloggers are in a hurry to start blogging for money but forget that a blog should never have plagiarism or stealing somebody else content without permission. When you steal content online, your blog will get penalized by search engines, and it might lose traffic.

Also, you are infringing the copyrights of the owner, and you are liable for any penalties that come from the owner. Learn how to do proper research if you need to use somebody else’s idea, then write it in your words to avoid copyright issues. I will touch on various ways to avoid plagiarism or content theft in another post. Kindly subscribe to this blog to receive the updates.

Get Social

It is not adequate to write an excellent post, then wait for readers to find it. Since your blog is new, no one will find your articles easily through search engines alone. You need to take the initiative and know methods of getting traffic through social media by promoting your posts there. This process will enable your posts to get noticed since social media has a way of sending and distributing your posts.

Various methods are available online on how to increase traffic such as buying traffic by creating ads on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. It is acceptable to share the same content more than once, as a way of driving more traffic, while being careful not to become a spammer. I will publish an article on how to increase your blog’s traffic through social media later on this blog.

Know how to design a blog

A blog design can impact how your audience perceives your content. The first impression really matters, and it is important to build a blog that allows easy interaction. If your blog is hard to read or ugly, then nobody will desire to read it.

These days, Google’s algorithms prioritize mobile-friendly websites. Research reveals that following the advancement of technology, people are now spending more time using mobile devices. For a perfect blog, make sure you create a mobile-friendly and responsive blog to enhance a satisfying reading experience for your audience.

Learn basic HTML before you start blogging

Powerful blogging platforms such as WordPress have made blogging easy, since HTML and CSS knowledge is not necessary to create a blog. It is easy to use WordPress to customize themes and plugins (required to design blogs effectively) without knowing or using any code.

However, a basic understanding of HTML and CSS can come in handy for professional bloggers. Having these skills as an experienced blogger helps to edit your articles’ appearance manually or even fix simple bugs and errors on the blog and even do advanced customization of a blog.

There are online video courses available that offer basic HTML fundamentals, such Codecademy.com and CodeSchool.com.

Teach yourself basic SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important and very effective method of driving traffic to your blog, especially when you intend to make money online. SEO is an advanced tool for blogging, hence knowing a few tips can boost your blog readership in the long run. I will touch on how SEO works and how it’s a fundamental tool in blogging in a separate post. 


Nowadays, anybody can start blogging, though it is not meant for everyone. In fact, many new bloggers quit too early, especially when they fail to see fruits and success from a blog immediately.

Initially, writing might be upsetting, and it takes some time to finish just a single article. Ensure that you identify a niche you are passionate about, and you will be happy blogging. Finally, I hope you find this post useful to organize yourself before you start blogging.

Do you know any other blogging tip that has helped beginners find success in their blogs? Well kindly comment below on how it has helped them succeed.

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