7 Reasons Why You Struggle as a Blogger

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There are some few reasons why you always struggle as a blogger especially when you are a newbie. Blogging always seems like an exciting venture for many ambitious and creative people. For instance, it gives you the chance to display your skills, speak your mind, and help millions of potential readers.

Unfortunately, you may struggle as a blogger especially building momentum to impact a large audience. This situation often leads you to create more content, faster and more consistently, while keeping your fingers crossed. The problem is that you still do not get any substantial results.

Such a situation makes you try and get a significant number of social media following. Possibly, you will quickly register to a Twitter account and follow hundreds of people hoping that somebody will return the favor back. Desperation will also make you open up more additional social media accounts to capitalize on better chances.

Before you realize it, these potential social media users are so busy with other things and less active on your blog better than they were several days or weeks ago.

Most professional bloggers say they have personally experienced these problems, and I am also struggling as well. Nevertheless, it’s okay to struggle as a blogger especially when you have limited knowledge. Eventually, with great knowledge, experience, and lessons learned, you will make it as a successful blogger.

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Well, do you struggle as a blogger? The following reasons will reveal some solutions into your problems and help you create some successful blogging strategies.

  1. You Are Praying for Results

Many bloggers wish to write quick, unique posts, publish them, and observe an excellent traffic display from search engines.

Unfortunately, this process is not easy since creating the content is only the start of your blogging journey. However, traffic can be achieved when you know various ways of creating it.

Besides, many expert bloggers suggest that most bloggers spend 20 percent of their time creating content, and 80 percent promoting it as one of the best successful blogging strategies. I also agree with them since this is what I tend to do also.

Fortunately, there are several ways of getting traffic that does not necessarily include the impressive Google. For instance, you can think of joining several LinkedIn groups associated with your niche, broadcasting through active channels like SlidesShare, etc.

If you are beginning to feel overwhelmed, you can decide to use a to-do list application to help you have a more organized schedule in blogging. For instance, you can use a list which you have outlined on various ways of generating traffic and ensuring you adhere to the to-do list strictly. Using a to-do list for your daily work will increase your results rapidly while ensuring you do not miss a schedule.

2. You are Inconsistent

you struggle as a blogger due to inconsistent bloggingInconsistency is one of the mistakes that make me struggle as a blogger. I can sometimes create some few posts for one month and then break for the next month which is not okay at all.

I have learned that the thing that worries bloggers is the idea of posting regularly. Even though delighting your audience consistently with new posts is fantastic, remember what I had stated above that you have to spend 20 percent of the time creating content, and 80 percent promoting it.

If you consistently publish your blog posts on specific days of the week, your returning visitors will be familiar of when to check your blog to read new posts. When you publish six posts weekly and then only one post in the following few weeks, it will be difficult to form a consistent practice. You will also end up confusing your subscribers.

One way of avoiding inconsistency is to write multiple articles in one day, and then schedule the day to post them thus staying intact on blog consistency.

3. You Struggle as a Blogger Because You Fear Failing

What if influencers laugh at my request? What if they deliberately ignore me?

Also, you fear how your readers could approach and think about your blog posts. You ask yourself, what if I get a big insult on my first comment. Then what comes to your mind is that you certainly do not desire to be put on the spot! Please listen, any blogger has to cope with negative comments at some point while blogging.

The great lesson about negativity or criticism is to learn from such experience. If anyone dislikes your posts or criticize your posts, tackle the circumstances politely and openly thank them.

4. You are Not Reaching Out and Taking Action      

With over 2 million of blog posts published every day, it is safe to state that this field is rather overloaded. It also means that your blog posts will not be easily discovered no matter how good it appears unless you get new relevant readers in the blog industry.

Probably, you have heard about ways your blog can get a great audience in the ways below: Introducing yourself to an influencer by leaving comments on niche articles, sending a welcoming email, and lending him a hand.

Repeat these actions with other blog influencers, while showing a keen interest in them. Later, request them to return favors to your blog in the future. Doing so could offer a quick backlink to your article, mention of your blog, an acknowledgment to their mailing list, a social share, and so forth.

The real question now is what makes you fail to do these things yet? Or any other action that could help you reach thousands of readers? These actions are one of the best successful blogging strategies which many influencers can testify. This means that others have already accomplished part of the homework for you.

5. You Struggle as a Blogger if You Are Not Willing to Invest

Although you do not essentially need to a lot of cash to create a profitable blog as a new blogger, spending some little money can help in various ways.

For instance, consider a self-hosted plan instead of free blogging platforms, since it costs about $120 yearly for a reasonably-sized website. Also, spend around $50 on a premium WordPress theme if need to, and you can include an essential plugin.

Spending some cash once in a while will help to develop the success of your blog. Later when your blog gains more traffic, you can invest in other resourceful ways towards its success.

Although many free things are useful, try looking into some premium options if you feel beyond doubt that they are required and never settle for less.

6. Failing to create a List

Creating a list such as an email list will not necessarily break or brand you as a blogger, but it can significantly improve your success chances eventually.

A newsletter enables you to get in touch with loyal followers from a highly-targeted audience, on hand to interact with you every time you publish an article. Also, a good relationship with your audience will gradually increase sales leads.

An excellent building list to use includes MailMunch, which provides unlimited subscribers for free. The premium offers include additional benefits.

7. You Struggle as a Blogger Because You Lack a Set Strategy

Talking of being inconsistent, implementing a great strategy may involve several things: What is your ultimate objective? Do you intend to sell products and services to your audience? Or make them subscribe to your monthly service? Spread awareness of your brand for your new start-up? Where would you like to see yourself few months to come?

If the first year is about to end and you have not made any progress from the first day, then you should start reassessing your blogging approach.

The best method is to test out every little progress by creating a strict to-do list to guide you. Fortunately, most of these reasons I have already covered in this post can help you achieve your blogging objectives, so everything is basically interconnected.

Have you ever found yourself struggling as a blogger at one point in your progress? What other tips and successful blogging strategies can you provide for struggling bloggers?

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