10 Tips on How a New Blogger can Write an Excellent Blog Post

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When you have an article that you want to communicate to your audience, you need to know the best ways to get people to your blog. An excellent blog post contains more than just superb content. In fact, the approach you set up your post almost overrides the real content itself. Your readers may not recognize that they enjoy these setups, but a well-organized and planned post can make them want to read more and share your content. Well, below are ten ideas of what you can try doing as a new blogger to make your content become an excellent blog post.

1. Choose the Best Title

Choosing the right and the most appealing title is the most significant part to include in your blog post. You desire your readers to locate your article without difficulty on the internet with just simple research. Choosing a title that will perfectly correspond with what the reader is looking for is important, especially when almost every Internet interest starts with search engines.

The tricky part is discovering the ideal balance between an appropriate title and an interesting one to your readers. An excellent blog post title should be exciting, humorous, or controversial while you still keep the essential point of the article understandable and present.

2. Ensure the Main Point and Introduction are Clear

An excellent blog post will allow readers to recognize what to like immediately. Unlike a movie or a novel, you do not intend the core of the blog post to develop gradually. Internet readers have small attention spans. So ensure you start writing with an introduction paragraph that enlightens the post and allows the readers to realize they have come to the right site.

3. Make a List or Number your Points

One easiest formatting skill is to organize your post in lists or numbers. Ensure your different arguments have numbers or bullets in them or include bold subheadings. How to and top-ten lists and rankings fascinate readers and ensure your audience read the post to the end. Also, it provides the proper organization of the post and clearly indicates to the reader the most important points to expect.

4. Link enticement headings

An excellent blog post always has information that other bloggers will desire to connect. Posts consisting of “Top 10” or “How to…” in the heading tend to attract many readers’ attention. An excellent blog post also requires having a significant amount of outbound links in the body. Doing so will enable other bloggers to recognize your job and provide you a backlink. It will also ensure your readers have a feeling that you did proper research before you wrote your post.

5. Make the Article Appear Attractive

Making your article post appear attractive is a quick and simple technique, drawing readers’ interest to your reading. Before publishing a post, have enough time to format it according to how you would like it to appear. Ensure you have bolded keywords, have orderly or bulleted paragraphs, unnecessary content removed, expanded titles and subject lines, and so forth. An excellent post will always appear attractive to your visitors and reach more readers

6. Include Multimedia for an excellent blog post

Even though your writing might be one of the best on the Internet,used for excellent blog post including images or videos is essential to split the text and make the article interesting. For instance, if you write a travel article, include some appealing images of the place in the review. If you write an editorial piece, insert an entertaining video clip that helps to explain your purpose. Multimedia clips boost up blog posts and are a crucial part of excellent blog posts.

7. Focus on the Point

For a blog post to appear perfect and unique, it needs to be brief and focused on the topic. As I had written before, readers have a small attention span. When searching for a particular subject, readers desire the post to focus on a subject and not wander between several subjects. Ensure that your blog posts are straight to the point so that they engage readers.

8. Use of Keywords

For an excellent blog post, ensure that you construct keywords in mind. Performing a simple search with Google AdWords on a preferred subject will allow you to identify the most searched and related keywords. Using such keywords in your title, which are distributed evenly in the body, especially in the first and last paragraph, will enable your audience to locate your post and will help them realize that they are in the right place.

9. Keep the Length of the post in Mind

Even though it depends on the description of your blog, it is important to ensure your post has an appropriate length. There is no favorable post regarding length, but if the post is too long, you may make your readers get impatient and leave the post before they read it all, unless it is a tutorial. Generally, a good post should be around 1,000 to 1500 words, but keeping it between 500-800 words is also perfect.

10. Write Original posts

A unique post is a crucial factor for search engine ranking. Do not copy texts directly from other blog posts. If you want your post to get indexed and appear on the front pages of the search engines, always write original articles. Unique posts also ensure you have increased traffic from many readers on your blog, which may be good, especially if you are earning from your blog. Moreover, if your post has many readers commenting, you will know that you have given your audience something valuable to talk about your posts.

Do you have any other tips on how a new blogger can write excellent Blog Posts? Kindly share your ideas by commenting below.

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