How to Market your Blog to Reach more Readers

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When you want to market your blog to drive more traffic on it, you need to know some few tips which I will discuss here. If your blog has less than 5,000 unique visitors every month, you are less likely to make much money from it through ads.

That is why it is important to increase your readership through marketing techniques and quality content. Below are various tips on how to market your blog to improve its readership.

Post relevant comments on other related blogs for publicity to those readers.

Start registering as a member of blogs related to your URL as your username and then post comments on those blogs.  This process will bring traffic to your blog.

  • Create links to your blog by commenting on other favorite blogs, which will make search engines to index your links.
  • Make sure you do not spam your blog link on your comments. This strategy is not acceptable since blog owners may delete your comments. Ensure your comments are interesting and thoughtful to the readers. Bear in mind that you will be displaying your first impact in the comment.
Contribute guest posts on other blogs.

If you are an excellent writer with something to talk about, posting a guest post on other popular blogs can be a beneficial way to advertise your name. Many popular blogs are available with guest posts options in your genre, so always check them.

Ask the blogger whether you can mention your blog on your guest post, after all, most of them will allow. By doing so, you will even have a backlink to your blog, which can increase traffic to your blog.

If there is no information about guest posting, do not lose hope. Peruse the blog to find out whether it may have guest posts contributed by others. If they are available, contact the blogger and introduce yourself and pitch the idea that you have for approval.

You may also communicate with the blogger to ask him/her your interests to write a guest post.

Mention other popular bloggers as a way to market your blog.

Mentioning famous bloggers in your genre can achieve several things. First, it tells your readers you are well-informed about the significant people in your field of blogging. It may also encourage the famous bloggers to notice your blog, and persuade them to promote it to their followers.

Points to exclude:
  • Never just show off, but ensure you include their names in a natural, purposeful way. For instance, if your niche or post involves mommy blogging, talk about a blogger who has interested you, or whose blog you find remarkable.
  • Include other bloggers links that you appreciate in your posts. Many bloggers trace or get alerts about new visits and may even visit or link your blog in reply as appreciation.
Use social media to market your blog

Currently, if you are not active on social media, then you tend to lose out on the primary readership. You can post a link to your post to your public Facebook page or tweet it on your Twitter bio and ask your followers to spread it.

You should also avoid replicating the same content repeatedly. Include social media buttons for quick, eye-catching posts and tell your readers to like and distribute them to their friends. The following is a list of most popular social media sites that you can integrate on your blog.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • StumbleUpon
  • Digg
Market your blog through host promotions

Favorite web-hosting sites such as and provide promotion codes or coupons to readers who sign with them from their regular clients. Host promotion offers an excellent way of driving traffic to your blog. Readers enjoy getting free things.

Also, host promotions for products from some companies provide free advertising. Therefore, contact such companies, which are related to your blog and determine whether they’d be interested in sponsoring a promotion.

You can also decide to write to other bloggers who sponsor significant promotions or giveaways and ask for their contacts.

Also, tell your readers you will reward them with promotions or giveaways to particular products if they republish your posts on social media. Most companies that advertise give promotions that you can use on your site if you advertise for them.

Drive traffic or market your blog with direct marketing.

The newsletter may look like an old strategy, but in reality, it is a powerful marketing tool. I have realized that almost all successful bloggers include newsletters on their blogs. Using newsletters is a powerful tool for connecting with people directly.

Other methods to consider with direct marketing include:

  • Add a link to your email signature, then invite your audience to look into your latest posts.
  • Sending your blog posts to people who will have interest in reading it without spamming your contacts. Sending links related to your posts to people or other blogs that are interested in your content can bring new followers. This option mainly happens if you offer to reciprocate by re-blogging their content.
  • Join a LinkedIn group. Do so, especially when you are writing an industry-based or more professional blog. Posting your articles in a targeted LinkedIn group can provide valuable exposure.
  • Involve yourself in blog carnivals by searching online for them or simply check out BlogCarnival for more information.
Optimize your site for search engines.

Search engine optimization abbreviated SEO is very crucial, which involves tactics of repeating intended keywords. Introduce a search-engine-friendly title such as “How to.”

Replicate relevant keywords in your post making sure your post does not appear stuffed with them.

Google, Bing, and other search engines do not strictly operate on SEO. Normally, they prioritize quality content, which implies that providing a well-written, clear, and valuable post that links to other reliable sources is your best bet.

I hope you have found a new way to market your blog. Kindly leave a comment on any other way I have not mentioned that promotes a blog readership.

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