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8 Rare but Useful Techniques to Increase Blog Traffic=

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To increase blog traffic, many bloggers write excellent blog posts while others have great plans to monetize their blog just in case they get traffic breakthroughs. Also, they have prepared methods in place to create money from their blog. But unfortunately, a major problem most of them face is maximizing traffic to their blog.

Also, given that there are common ways available to increase blog traffic (put link) such as using SEO, backlinks, blogging consistently and writing quality articles, combining more techniques assures more and improved blog traffic.

The fact is that it doesn’t matter how well you use these standard ways and other methods of generating traffic. The only thing that will make a difference is making use of rare traffic boosting techniques to maximize and improve leads to your blog.

In this article, I will list eight rare and useful techniques that will help to increase blog traffic. Use them with other traffic methods you already know and start capitalizing on a traffic breakthrough.

1. Submit Your Blog to Blog Directories

increase blog traffic

Top blog directories are available online where you can submit your blog with the aim of getting increased traffic. These directories function by indexing your most recent blog posts and by including them in their blog search engine.

Therefore, any time a person searches for a keyword connected to your blog or your recent post, you will appear in the search results and potentially increase blog traffic. Some of the major factors that these blog directories use are your PageRank, the number of regular links to your blog, social media engagement and your Alexa rank.

The most important factor from all these factors that you should focus on is to get quality links from other blogs.

2. Be Active on Forum Marketing to Increase Blog Traffic

Be Active on Forum Marketing to Increase Blog Traffic

Most successful bloggers are active on several recognized forums, a popular one being warrior forum. These forums can send a significant amount of traffic to your blog.

You should never underestimate forums when you want to increase blog traffic. It is also even more important to do the right thing so that you get good results. What I imply is that you should never spam your blog links or URL on forums or just linking to your blog posts in any way.

The best way is to focus on helping people and then provide useful comments on discussions on your preferred forum.  At the same time, put a link back to your blog or a description of yourself in the comments.

If you desire to get an average of 100 unique visitors to your blog from forums daily, then get ready to reply an average of 40 threads each day.

3. Design Your Blog to Be Mobile Friendly

Design Your Blog to Be Mobile Friendly to increase blog traffic

Research from indicates that in 2014, approximately 60% of the global population already had mobile users. The most interesting thing is that more mobile users will increase in the coming years. Therefore, it is wise to consider the mobile market when you develop your blog.

Many people will visit your blog using their mobile phones, tablets, and PDAs. If they can’t access your blog or website because it is not responsive, you will lose them eventually.

Also, ensure you concentrate on retaining your current visitors instead of just trying to get more. The best way to start is to make your blog mobile friendly by optimizing it for mobile phones. One way to achieve this process is to use responsive themes that you can install on your website.

4. Optimize Your Images for Search Engines

The other rare but useful and smart way to increase blog traffic is to optimize the blog images you use for search engines.

There is already a huge competition for some of the most relevant keywords and key phrases you are targeting. However, has it ever happened to you that very few people also target the same images results for that particular keyword?

Therefore, you need to optimize your blog images by ensuring that your images have a standard size. Besides, ensure that images caption and alt text have the right combination and that the image does not link to an external website.

5. Optimize Your Blog to Load Faster

Do you know that the speed of your website can contribute a significant impact on the search engine rankings? Also, do you know that if your blog loads slowly, you are more likely to lose a lot of visitors?

Optimize Your Blog to Load Faster to increase blog traffic

The main reason is that your blog readers value the little time they have since they can do a lot in just a few seconds or minutes. Therefore, if you want to draw their attention to your blog, you should ensure your blog speed loads faster.

The other reason for improving your blog speed is because search engines these days give preference to fast loading websites over the slow ones. So a fast loading website will help improve traffic that you get from the search engines.

Also, most of the commonly used website design systems such as WordPress and Joomla have plugins which can do the work for you if you install them. Examples of commonly used plugins include WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, and WP Rocket.

6.Build an Email List to Increase Blog Traffic

Build an Email List to Increase Blog Traffic

Most popular bloggers state that they get a lot of visitors to their blogs mainly from the email list that they use to retain them. The best type of traffic isn’t one time traffic but constant traffic that gets visitors to continue coming to your blog through subscription.

There are various ways that readers can subscribe to your blog, but email is the best since it is easy to showcase your blog posts whenever you desire. If you do this process correctly, you will end up spreading your blog post to the people who subscribe to your email list.  This method can even produce a viral traffic outcome for your blog.

7. Use of Article Marketing to Increase Blog Traffic

Article marketing is a great technique to provide both long-term and short-term traffic to your blog.

When you try to promote your blog by contributing a post, you shouldUse of Article Marketing to increase blog traffic concentrate on two things. These include how to increase blog traffic and how to build quality backlinks that can help your lasting SEO. This process requires using your anchor texts in your blog posts.

To obtain the best results from article marketing ensure that your articles are well researched and have the right keywords. Also, ensure that the target keywords are less competitive long-tail keywords because this will easily make your articles be indexed on the first page of the search engines and bring traffic results quickly.

8. Blog about Top Trending News

Every time there is top trending news online, and it’s all about getting smart with what you post on your blog and try to make use of such news. Ensure you subscribe to a top and popular news sites such as MSN or Yahoo News sites to know which news is trending. Use trending keywords to blog about any trending topics related to your blog, and you will be surprised at how much-improved traffic you can get using them.

Do you have any other rarely used techniques you have used to increase blog traffic? Kindly share them by commenting below.

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