10 Signs that show Your Blog Is Doing Well for Successful Blogging

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If your blog is doing well, you will surely gain more readerships and make money if you are monetizing it.

However, starting a new blog or developing an existing one can frustrate you if you are new to blogging. The main reason being it may look like you are not achieving your objectives.

Many successful bloggers know that building a reliable and efficient blog will require some time, effort, and hard work.

I am a new blogger, and I am working hard to achieve my dreams in blogging. Actually, I have realized many new bloggers lose hope completely or slow down their activity seriously and leave their blogs unattended.

Ask any successful bloggers, and they will say it has not been an easy journey all along. New bloggers feel like they are not progressing when they don’t see results, but in my opinion, the blog is doing well.

Hopefully, if you are making progress and doing the right thing you will start realizing your growth and achievements, but many don’t see this process happening.

Below I have written ten signs to show you that your blog is doing well. If several of these signs are relevant to you, never give up especially when the accomplishments are slower than your expectations.

I think if you give your blog some extra time and continue working hard, you will achieve your goals in time.

  1. Increasing Numbers of Useful Comments

If your blog receives a suitable figure of inspiring comments, it shows a good sign that people are reading, following, and paying attention to your blog.

Comments are the vital signs of blogs’ progression, and bloggers with useful comments from the audience become even more valuable and reach more readers. However, you should note that comments will also start increasing if your blog receives significant traffic from readers.

  1. Increase in Subscribers Count Shows your Blog is Doing Well

email subscriptions shows a blog is doing wellIf you have visitors who subscribe to your blog no matter how slow it is, then you are progressing well. Gaining trust from subscribers is difficult, so do not give yourself high hopes if it’s your first time blogging.

Well, I can assure you that if you start gaining subscriber’s growth, you will likely begin to feel good because of your progress, and you will probably blog consistently.

I have found that successful bloggers have ways and tactics of convincing their audience to subscribe to their blogs. Mainly, they do so by the free services and products they give to their readers.

Personally, I have subscribed to many blogs due to the pop ups I receive from the blogs about receiving their irresistible products if I enter my email. Probably, most readers don’t realize they are indirectly subscribing to such blogs when entering their emails to receive the products.

  1. A Growing Network of Bloggers

Networking is most likely an essential feature of blogging outside of content development. If you frequently associate with other bloggersIncreasing network of bloggers indicate blog is doing well and strengthen the relations that you have made, you will be in the perfect position for your future. Forming a network will help you discover a lot from them and get helpful and loyal readers. You will also have an increase in inbound links, gain more votes from social media and so forth hence do well with your blog.

  1. A Growing Number of Inbound Links

Links are essential for the growth of any blog. The main reason is that links help with click-through traffic, recognition and search engine rankings. For new or professional bloggers, incoming links represent your popularity in your industry and imply that your blog is doing well. The number of your links will also grow as you begin to become acknowledged as an authority.

  1. Increasing Visitors, Page views, and Page Views Per Visit

Many bloggers like to look at their blog stats to keep track of their blog growth. Even though growth in traffic does not always meet or surpass your blogging goals, it is certainly not a bad thing to consider checking.

Hopefully, over time your blog stats will grow as readers gradually visit and subscribe to your blog.

  1. Improving Quality of Articles

The quality of articles is always going to become a rather personal issue, but I think many bloggers can check their archives and get an idea of how their quality has improved over time. I have read few posts on professional bloggers saying they get embarrassed by the low-level quality of their posts as they were starting.

Well, I can assure you that growth in quality gets natural when you become more well-informed about your topics and when you learn about writing and blogging overall.

Just check back at how the quality of your writing has improved with different articles. What I think is that you will be motivated to persist and see the consequences in future.

As an excellent practice, you can hire an editor to proofread your posts then compare the final content with your posts. This process will make you write better quality articles in future without many mistakes.

7. Achievement of Goals Shows your Blog is Doing Well

goal achievement shows a blog is doing wellMany bloggers have long-term objectives, for example making a living blogging, or obtaining 10,000 subscribers and so forth. However, most of them lack short-term objectives that will assist them to choose the required steps towards those long-term objectives.

If you set monthly targets for subscribers, blogging revenue, traffic, etc., and you achieve the targets, do not lose hope when you fail to meet the long-term goals immediately.

First, ensure you fulfill your short-term goals as you progress. After some time, you will be amazed on how things are working as you desire.

  1. Consistent Posting

If you post consistently on your blog, you are already a step in front of the other bloggers who do not post. It seems pretty easy, but regular consistent posting for a blog is doing wellposting is a big challenge for bloggers especially beginners when the growth outcome is absent.

If you continue posting consistently, it won’t be long before good things start happening as you achieve your goals. When a blog is doing well through consistent posting, your blog traffic will start increasing.

  1. The Capacity to Outline Your Niche Clearly

One of the most ignored points when creating a new blog is the capacity to outline the target audience accurately.

With time, you will learn the type of content your readers are thankful for and what they fail to respond. Later you will most likely realize where you fit best into your niche.

Identifying your place is very crucial for branding and developing a blog that is appealing to the audience that you target. If you know exactly where your niche fits, then you are on the right track to success.

  1. You Have Some Knowledge on Persuading Targeted Readers to Your Blog

When you progress blogging, you get more knowledge about generating traffic and making people recognize and read your posts. Even if you have one particular way that continuously helps you to impact your target audience, you have a better advantage than most bloggers.

For instance, you could have sometimes spent time guest posting on other blogs in your niche or had success with leaving relevant comments on other blogs. Also, you could have created a compelling profile on a social media website with a particular niche.

Whatever knowledge you have is something that you can keep using in the future. You will then be a step closer to find success blogging.

Do you have any other issues that show your blog is doing well and I have not mentioned on this post? Kindly share them by commenting below.

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