Top 6 SEO Tips That Professional Bloggers Use to Increase Blog Traffic

SEO tips for better ranking
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Is it your first time using SEO on your website? This blog post explains the top 6 SEO tips on how to increase your website traffic. Do you want to increase your chances of ranking on the first pages of a search engine? These tips will help you in your journey.

Before I begin giving you the tips, it is wise to know that search engine algorithms require time and effort to convince them that your site qualifies to be on their first page.

Also, strategies used in SEO change more often, partly because Google algorithms change all the time. Therefore, whatever worked in the previous years will not be likely relevant these days.

In the past, bloggers focused a lot on keywords. They were concerned about where to place them correctly on their web page. The technicalities used in SEO, such as Alt tags, keyword research, meta description, URL structure, header tags, and link building, still matter.

These days, the main concern is about how valuable and useful people will benefit from the content you provide. Google has updated changes to ensure that any content appearing on its first page is more practical and appropriate to users’ search intentions.

In this post, I will share SEO tips used by professional bloggers for traffic and create content with the reader’s search in mind. These tips will not only help you to increase blog traffic but also to learn more about writing better content for your audience.

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  1. Knowing your Audience is One of the Best SEO Tips Practices

The website content you create is precisely to be read by your customers. Therefore, when you write it, think about the kind of questions readers are looking for in the search engines. Then proceed by creating content that responds to those questions and needs.

To better understand the type of questions your potential customers or visitors ask, create buyer personas focused on actual data on your current clients and market research. This process will let you understand who your audience is and what they want. It will also improve the type of content you have to create to solve their queries.

Your readers will search for your content that addresses their needs, hence increasing traffic to your website.

2.    Have a Keyword Strategy

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Succeeding with SEO depends much on the keywords used. For beginners, the keywords used within your blog posts inform the search engines what your content is all about. You should know that keywords are phrases and words that readers are looking for when using search engines.

When you have a focused keyword strategy, the search engine will connect readers to your blog. It is also one of the best SEO tips for blog traffic since you know what readers might be searching on the internet. When you use the right keywords concerned with your searches, you can write an excellent article that they need.

Always have a keyword phrase in mind before you write your blog posts. Later, when you start writing, try structuring your content using the keyword.

If you need some assistance choosing keywords, Google Keyword Planner is an excellent tool. Since it is a free AdWords tool, the resource is still valuable for blogging. For instance, you can use it to search for keyword ideas, find out how a list of keywords could perform, and then produce a new keyword list by multiplying numerous lists of keywords together.

Other Ways to Use Keyword Strategy

You can also utilize more SEO tips through Keyword strategy in your blog posts.

For instance, you can use the Buzzsumo website to identify the type of content that gets lots of shares on social media. If you have an idea of the keywords to use, you can use this site to search for the content with broad coverage on social media related to your chosen keywords. Usually, Buzzsumo will list the total number of shares the keyword content has on social media.

The other way is using forums such as Quora to understand the types of questions website users might be asking. You will also get to know the kind of answers posted regarding those questions. You will then know the right keywords to use to write your content.

  1. Make your Readers Understand your Content Better

When writing a search-engine-optimized content, ensure the content, and its layout is relevant to readers. Search engines also rank posts better if you add images to your blog posts. Doing so will attract readers’ attention and allow them to understand what you are discussing better.

You can make it even easier for the search engines to rank your content better if you use descriptive alternate tags in your images. Ensure that you put a keyword in the alternative text to increase search robots’ chances of finding your content and ranking it better.

The other way to improve your readers’ chances of understanding your content better is by using bullets and headers. If you realize your content has long paragraphs, break it up with bullet points and headings.

Any blog posts that are easier to read or skim can help persuade your readers to share your posts on social media. The chances of your blog promotion will increase, which is also a major key factor to SEO. Ensure you use keywords in your headers and utilize them in the same context as the keyword you are ranking.

  1. Update and re-promote your old content

At times, you might get stuck on what to write about in your blog posts. In such a situation, recall your old content that had good performance when you published it initially. At times these older content posts need a simple headline, content layout, and images.

Use your old content to link back to the new content, and vice versa. Internal linking will make readers stick longer to your website since you are engaging them. You can also consider re-promoting your old content on social media since you will maintain readers’ numbers to your site. The next point talks more about the purpose of promoting content.

  1. Promote your content

When you integrate SEO, content marketing, and social media, it is an excellent way to help search engines index your content. For instance, since Google uses Twitter to get new content from a website, promoting your old and new Twitter posts will help Google index your post in its SERPs.

However, promoting your content doesn’t apply only to Twitter. Consider using other types of social media platforms to promote your content.

To explain this process better, if you are writing on a particular topic, search for Google+ Communities and LinkedIn Groups related to that topic and promote your posts there. This process will let the search engines notice how you are gaining trust from your audience. The more your content gets social shares and traffic, the more it validates and approves your content’s quality. Your content will also appear to be more relevant to the search engines.

  1. Track and report on your content

Tracking and reporting are some of the best SEO tips because you review and analyze how your content is performing. Additionally, it is the time where you can adjust your content to increase your promotion and search engine ranking. You will also have a chance to update your content to improve its SEO that promotes traffic.

Performing your content tracking and reporting will help you realize the content that performs better or worse in social media and search engines. I have already started doing this every month to know which posts are bringing more organic search traffic. Also, I will know the best keywords I’m ranking for in search engines and the posts that receive more social shares.


I hope these SEO tips have given you a little more insight into how professional bloggers write content that Google desires to see. Currently, I am searching for ways I can learn more about my audience’s interests. I will then address their needs and increase the number of visitors to my blog.

If you have additional SEO tips that I have not covered that have worked for you, I would like to hear them. Kindly comments below to help other readers on how they can have improved traffic and find success blogging.

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